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Awards - Projects we support

There have been two calls for proposals resulting in 34 awards.

Call 1: in October 2005 the SPARC Awards Panel selected 13 proposals for support. Of the 85 proposals, 66 were fully peer-reviewed (the other 19 had previously been deemed to be "out of scope"), 28 were identified as candidates for funding, and funds were sufficient to meet the costs of the 13 projects viewed as most competitive when considered in terms of a combination of scientific excellence and capacity building. So, competition was tough.

Call 2 - in June 2006 the SPARC Awards Panel selected a further 21 proposals for support. Of the 100 proposals, 69 were fully peer-reviewed. (The other 31 were "out of scope".) Twenty eight projects were identified as candidates for funding. The original support to SPARC would have enabled 11 of these to be funded, However, BBSRC had promised further funding, subject to the quality achieved at the first call being maintained, and so it was possible to meet the costs of a further eight projects. After the Awards Panel meeting further negotiations with EPSRC and BBSRC has enabled the funding of two more projects. So in total 21 projects have been funded. Brief details are given immediately below (the award sums are approximate).

The projects in detail:


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The SPARC Story

Welcome to SPARC and KT-EQUAL: Knowledge Transfer for Extending Quality Life

SPARC brings together researchers, practitioners and policy makers in ageing. It specialises in communicating the latest design, engineering and biological ageing-related research to all stakeholders, making the case about the benefits for an ageing population of scientific research, and it encourages new blood into ageing research. Although funding for SPARC ended in December 2008, SPARC is continuing to function from the University of Reading within a new initiative - KT-EQUAL which commenced in January 2009. Soon KT-EQUAL will have its own website but for the time being news and information about SPARC and KT-EQUAL events are being handled by the SPARC website.

SPARC Mission Statement

Supporting Older People by
Putting Research into Practice and
Actively Promoting Needs and Solutions through
Research Leadership and


BBSRC - Biotechnological and Biological Sciences Research Council EPSRC - Engineering and Phsyical Sciences Research Council