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Published journal papers concerned with SPARC and its predecessor EQUAL

  • Title




    The EQUAL Initiative

    Special Edition of Quality in Ageing

    Vol 7 no 1, March 2006

    Peter Lansley and Gail Mountain (editors)

    EQUAL: New horizons for ageing research

    Quality in Ageing

    Vol 7 no 11, 2006, 6 -13

    Peter Lansley

    Capitalising on the Potential of Assistive Technology

    British Journal of Occupational Therapy

    Vol 69, no 3, 2006, 97

    Peter Lansley (editorial)

    New Technologies and Older People's Quality of Life

    Generations Review

    Vol 17, No 4, October 2007

    Gail Mountain and Peter Lansley

    Ageing Research on the Move

    Generations Review

    Vol 17, No 4, October 2007

    Peter Lansley

    Motivating Ageing Research

    British Journal of Healthcare Computing and Information Management 812002.htm

    Peter Lansley and Lucy Chappell

  • Editorial, (Special edition on SPARC)

    Quality in Ageing

    Vol 11, No 1, March 2010, 4-6,

    Editor - Peter Lansley

    SPARC: a new model for supporting ageing research

    Quality in Ageing

    Vol 11, No 1, 2010, 7-15

    Peter Lansley

    Multidisciplinarity, user engagement and the design of special programmes of ageing research in the United Kingdom


    Ageing & Society

    doi:10.1017/So144686X12000190 (c)
    Copyright: Cambridge University Press 2012, Cambridge Journals Online

    Peter Lansley

  • In addition a large number of presentations on SPARC have been made at conferences, seminars, briefings and meetings to a very wide range of audiences. For more information about these please see the Final report: Organisation and Outcomes (see above).

    Final reporting

    Final Report: Organisation and Outcomes An account of the organisation and outcomes of SPARC by the Director and Principal Investigator, Peter Lansley.

    As html:
    ---- Preliminaries (Title, Contents, List of Figures and Tables)
    ---- Preface
    ---- Summary
    ---- Introduction and Background
    ---- Resources and Activities
    ---- The Awards Schemes
    ---- Workshops
    ---- Advocacy
    ---- The Award Holders
    ---- Review

    As pdfs:
    ---- Summary (pdf)
    ---- Full Report (pdf)

    As printed copy:
    ---- Full Report - Preface, summary and full technical report (116 pages) (available on request)

    Ageing Research Going Places A comprehensive compendium of SPARC projects produced for the BA Festival of Science 2008, with a preface by Lord Sutherland (24 pages).

    Going Places With SPARC A two sided insert for the above with details of past workshops and key contacts.

    Keeping Close to the Realities of Ageing An easy to read summary in words and pictures of SPARC's achivements (7 pages).

    A record of the work and achievements of SPARC

    Workshop Presentations sorted by theme

    Produced when SPARC was in progress

    Ageing Research is on the Move An outline of the mission of SPARC, brief summaries of each SPARC project and details of other SPARC activities (8 pages).

    Annual Reports submitted to EPSRC and BBSRC and published for general interest:

    SPARC Project Presentations and Report Summaries

    SPARC has generated a considerable number of presentations, reports and other outputs about each of the SPARC projects and for SPARC as a whole.

    There are Executive Summaries for most of the SPARC Projects. These can also be found in the SPARC downloads section.

    Project Dissemination Activities Provides basic information about each project and gives links to presentations made at SPARC workshops and links to the executive summaries and interviews with award holders or team members.

    Analysis of Dissemination Activities Provides a summary of dissemination activities achieved by SPARC with projects classified into four types (ethnographic, modelling, health and biology) and details of workshop participation for different types of audience.

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    SPARC & KT-EQUAL Workshops

    Please refer to the KT-EQUAL website for forthcoming workshops.

    Latest Executive Summaries and Monographs

    Please refer to the KT-EQUAL website for recently issued monographs.

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    Please refer to the KT-EQUAL website for the current membership form.

    The SPARC Story

    Welcome to SPARC and KT-EQUAL: Knowledge Transfer for Extending Quality Life

    SPARC brings together researchers, practitioners and policy makers in ageing. It specialises in communicating the latest design, engineering and biological ageing-related research to all stakeholders, making the case about the benefits for an ageing population of scientific research, and it encourages new blood into ageing research. Although funding for SPARC ended in December 2008, SPARC is continuing to function from the University of Reading within a new initiative - KT-EQUAL which commenced in January 2009. Soon KT-EQUAL will have its own website but for the time being news and information about SPARC and KT-EQUAL events are being handled by the SPARC website.

    SPARC Mission Statement

    Supporting Older People by
    Putting Research into Practice and
    Actively Promoting Needs and Solutions through
    Research Leadership and


    BBSRC - Biotechnological and Biological Sciences Research Council EPSRC - Engineering and Phsyical Sciences Research Council